Claims Assistance Centre

Star Claims Assistance Centre is a 24/7 Customer Support Helpline for motor insurance policyholders, manned by trained representatives, who will:

  • Provide accident assistance to your insureds to meet their immediate “on site” needs.
  • Assist your insured to gather claims information.
  • Generate a notification of first loss to the insurer within 24 hours.
  • Generate the insurance claim report electronically within 48 hours.
  • Provide web access to the insurance claims report and case artifacts, including photos, video and audio recordings


The Claims Domino Effect

When accidents happen… it’s a race against time:

  •  Your Client needs quick and hassle free assistance to meet their immediate needs, like towing, repatriation of the insured and passengers, and emergency services.
  • You need timely, accurate and complete information, to start the claims process.


Delays in starting the claims process, means:

  • Longer downtime and inconvenience to your client.
  • Higher or exaggerated claims costs to you.
  • Delays in claims settlement


Star Claims Assistance Centre is a customer support solution that offers the following features to the traditional claims process for gathering claims information:

  •  Seamless data capture with immediate notification of loss within 24 hours.
  • Ready integration with mobile apps.
  •  Ready integration with internal documentation/ processes.
  •  Customization of reports to your specific needs.
  •  Multi-media claims artifacts.
  •  End-to-end branding.


Our Claims Assistance Representatives are available 24/7. Reporting a Claim to Star Claims Assistance Centre is as easy as 1, 2, 3….


Step 1: Call

  • Assist you with your immediate “on site” needs. Take audio statements of what happened.
  • Receive photo and video evidence of the accident


Step 2: Snap

  •  Take photo and video evidence of the accident scene
  •  If required, the Claims Assistance Representative with dispatch a Technical Field Coordinator to assist.


Step 3: Send

  • Simply reply and upload your photos and videos of the accident and other case artifacts.




For further information on our Claims Assistance Centre please contact us.