Customer Support & Messaging Services

Inbound Calling

Customer service is the backbone to the success of every business. All our call center representatives have undergone  training which covers familiarization with the client’s systems and processes. Whether it is insurance quotations, claims queries or customer care our inbound call center services are seamless and transparent to your customers as an extension of your company. We enable you to augment your customer care expertise, so you can focus on critical activities and enjoy significant cost savings.


Outbound Calling & Messaging Services

Our outbound call center services can handle your business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumers (B2C) campaigns. Our outbound call center service is designed to play as an extension of your company’s marketing and customer care teams. Some of our outbound call center services available 24/7 include:

  • Branded SMS Campaigns
  • Branded Voice Messaging Service
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys


For further information on our Customer Support & Messaging services please contact us.