Mobile Battery Assistance

Battery Problem! 800STAR says No Problem!

The tumbling echoes of a dying battery when starting your vehicle is never a welcoming sound. Yeah, a battery boost may get you on your way. However, you still have to get your battery and alternator checked if you do not wish to hear that dreaded sound again.


800STAR Mobile Battery Assist takes the hassle away!

At home, work or roadside, we will come to you any day, any time, 365! Using industry approved diagnostic equipment; we will diagnose your battery to determine if your battery or alternator is the problem. Then, if your battery needs to be replaced, we will install a battery using the markets’ leading brands. Next, we will test the battery after it has been installed into your vehicle to ensure that it is working to specification. In addition, we will issue a 12 or 18 months warranty on your battery on the spot. No need for you to visit a warranty center to have the battery tested and the warranty issued. No hassle, no problem!


So, the next time you encounter a battery problem, it is easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • You call
  • You relax
  • We replace

Battery Problem = No Problem!


Feel free to download the 800STAR Club App today to get assistance when you need it. Now, you can start earning discounts at merchants nationwide!