Roadside & Accident Assistance

From changing flat tires roadside to jumping batteries in your driveway, our roadside assistance can help get you on your way. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Roadside Assistance services are:-


Vehicle Towing Services

Vehicle towing from its breakdown location to a customer appointed garage or chosen destination.


Courtesy Transport

In the case of a breakdown we offer a taxi service to transport you and your passengers to a single destination.


Battery Booster Service

Towing agents are equipped with a battery booster pack in order to assist customers with their batteries. This can be done on the roadside and the vehicle does not need to be towed.


Flat Tyre Assistance

Towing Agents can assist in changing the flat tyre on site or temporarily repairing the tyre.


Lock Out Service

Should your keys be locked in your car our towing agents are equipped with special tools that allow them to gain access to your car.


Re-Fuel Service

Towing agents are dispatched to refuel to the vehicle on site.


Emergency Services

Once the case has been determined as an Emergency case, our helpline will contact and dispatch the Emergency Services immediately.


For further information on our Roadside and Assistance services please contact us.